Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Life: Week 4

January 24 - 30


Monday / Week 4

This month's issue of Real Simple had several smoothie recipes, and Claire and I are working our way through the list. Today we tried banana cashew - it was a hit!


Week 3 / Tuesday

Claire plays with her Legos almost every day. She loves to line them up when she's not sorting them by color.


Claire and Will each received a Valentine's Day package from Ma and Bob. Claire was most excited about the cookies, while Will seemed to be pretty pleased with his new outfit.


I love being able to peek in on Robert and Claire during bedtime!

Pavil 1.28.11
For the first time, Claire attended the Parents' Night Out at her school, and Robert, Will and I went to eat at Pavil. Will was such a good boy during our date, and Claire had a great time at her pizza party!

Claire got to get Krispy Kreme donuts with Daddy and then hang out at his office while Will and I did a few things and got ready for the day.

We were invited to the McCormicks' house for dinner. Kate was very excited about tickling Will's feet, and he found her equally entertaining!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A sweet surprise...

On Wednesday, Claire was excited to find two packages in the mail from Ma and Bob - one for her and one for Will. Claire's had a new outfit and heart shaped sugar cookies with red sprinkles. She couldn't wait to get that bag opened!




Will seemed very pleased with his Valentine's Day bib and fleece outfit.



Thanks Ma and Bob!!!

Christmas 2010 - Part 3

The next weekend brought a trip to Vernon to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. It was a long drive, but once again we were saved by "Blue's Clues." Our van has an entertainment system, and we managed to hold out until our trip to DFW the weekend before to show Claire. We were hesitant to get one, but we are now glad we did!

New Year's Eve was spent opening presents. Claire was so excited (not all of those were for her, but she helped with most of them).





New shoes!


Will enjoying his new play mat

We are blessed to be able to see so many family members over the holidays. It was a whirlwind, but we had fun and made lots of memories!

Christmas 2010 - Part Two

We left Arlington in the afternoon and drove to Austin to celebrate with Grandmommy Nancy, Granddad Martin, Aunt Carol & Uncle Jeremy.





We spent the night in Austin, and the next day we walked to the duck pond and gave Claire's new tricycle a spin before we returned home.




Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas 2010 - More Arlington Photos

A few photos from Robert's cousin Mike:

Will and Ashlee
Christmas in Arlington
Opening stockings
Christmas in Arlington

Claire in Bob's rocker
Christmas in Arlington
Demonstrating her puzzle skills
Christmas in Arlington

Claire showing off her yoga moves - Down Dog and Warrior:
Christmas in Arlington
Christmas in Arlington
Potato Head!!!
Christmas in Arlington
My new lens (coffee mug) from Robert
Christmas in Arlington

A rare photo of all 4 of us
Christmas in Arlington

Christmas 2010 - Part One

It's been over a month since Christmas, but I'm finally posting some photos. We had so many to go through that I'd been putting it off, but this week I had a couple of opportunities to sit at the computer and review everything. So, here goes:

We drove up to the DFW area on Wednesday and were able to have dinner with our friends Courtney and Jared. We've missed them so much and were excited to see them! On Thursday, we went to Fort Worth to visit Great-Granddad and Great-Grandmommy. Claire had a couple of presents to open from Robert's aunts Pat and Maureen, and she had a great time visiting and playing with everything.




Christmas Day in Arlington started with everyone opening their stockings. Claire was really excited about her broom and dust pan!



Will slept.


I tried my best to get a photo of the two of them together with their Christmas tree shirts. Claire did not want to sit still while Will slept.


We enjoyed our big Christmas breakfast feast before opening presents. Claire couldn't wait to start looking at one of her new Llama Llama books.


She was really excited about her Mr. Potato Head, a last minute gift from Mommy and Daddy after learning how much she enjoyed playing with the one at school.


Claire loved trying out her new stool from Ma and Bob to use in the bathroom for washing hands more independently!


Will slept.


After everyone had opened presents, we enjoyed some playtime before dinner.



Finally, midway through dinner Claire slept (in Will's chair).


But, the day wasn't over yet...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Life: Week 3

January 17 - 23


Monday / Week 3
Cousin Mike and Lizzie gave Claire and Will each an adorable hooded bath towel. Claire's is a horse, and she loves wrapping up in it and cuddling after her bath.

Mommy's first day back at work and Will's first day at school!


Wednesday / Week 3
After school Claire and I made hot cocoa mix, and we were both pleased with the results.


Thursday / Week 3
Claire loves it when Daddy gets home from work and they are able to play. Here they are playing with Daddy's 3D Connect Four game.


10 Weeks
We took Will's 10 week photo - such a handsome boy!

Jan 21
We picked Daddy up from work before going to eat at Willie's. Claire was so happy to see him walking out of his office building - her feet were flying!

Today we drove to Corpus Christi to meet the kids' new cousin, Grace. She was born on Thursday and is absolutely precious. We are excited that she and Will are so close in age!