Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Magik Theater

San Antonio has a theater downtown that produces plays based on children's books.  I'd been thinking about taking the kids to the show, but hadn't looked into the logistics.  Then last month Jill asked if we would like to join her, Kate, & Paige for a showing of "The Velveteen Rabbit", and we jumped at the chance to go with our friends.



The kids did great - they were enthralled for most of the show.  Will started getting a little restless at the end, but I thought he did well for his first show.  They both talked about it for several days afterwards, and Will still refers to his stuffed bunny (that used to be mine!) as his Velveteen Rabbit.

Down at the Pearl

Our church had a men's retreat in April, so that Saturday morning we met Courtney, Elliot, and Jack at the Farmers' Market while the daddies were away.  The weather was gorgeous - cool and sunny.  We had some time before they arrived, and we stopped at the CIA Bakery for some of our favorite pastries - croissants for the kids, and a sausage cheddar scone for me.  The croissants are huge and deliciously flakey - Will's shirt was quickly covered with crumbs.  It was a nice start to the morning - I'm so excited that we're already to the point that I can sit with the kids at a cafe and we can just enjoy each other's company for a little while.

Claire was so excited when Courtney and the boys walked up - she loves that Elliot!

We had a great time walking around and buying a few things, then sitting outside with snacks and visiting while the kids took in the scenery.  It was a great way to spend the morning while Daddy was away.

Claire's Date with Daddy

Claire and Daddy had a special date the day before her birthday.  They got dressed up and had dinner at BJ's (including chocolate milk and a Pizookie), then went to Target where she picked out a new toy (a Cars stunt set).



I was so glad that they were able to spend this time together.  I'm not sure who had the best time.  :)