Saturday, September 15, 2012

What the DVR is Watching - Fall 12

It's that time of year again - the Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Review issue is out which means that the new TV season is upon us!  Here is my annual list of what I'll set up the DVR to record - what I actually end up viewing remains to be seen.

The Amazing Race (CBS) - 9/30 -- pad for football delay
Revenge (ABC) - 9/30

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) - 9/24
Revolution (NBC) - 9/17

Parenthood (NBC) - already started
The Mindy Project (FOX) - 9/25
Flipping Out (Bravo) - already started
Survivor: Philippines (CBS) - 9/19
Modern Family (ABC) - 9/26
Nashville (ABC) - 10/10

Project Runway (Lifetime) - already started
Person of Interest (CBS) - 9/27
30 Rock (NBC) - 10/4Parks & Recreation (NBC) - 9/20
The Office (NBC) - 9/20
Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - 9/27

Shark Tank (ABC) - 9/14

Catch up on DVR'd shows

Saturday, September 01, 2012

"Hello Kitty Park"

Claire asked a couple of months ago if we would take her to "Hello Kitty Park", or Kiddie Park, as it is otherwise known.  We'd been trying to think of a good reward for her to entice her to stop picking her fingernails (she would peel them down to the quick!), and so we told her that if she would let all of her nails grow so that the white showed, we would take her to Kiddie Park.

She worked really hard to leave them alone, and all of her nails look great, so last week while Ma & Bob were here for a visit, we finally went to KP.  Carol and Grace were able to join us.  The younger kids took awhile to warm up to the rides, but Claire had a blast.  It was a well deserved reward!

The cars





High flyers


While Claire rode the Ferris wheel, Will wanted another ride on the cars.  He was really excited to get the little car that looked like a train engine and kept saying "Choo choo!  All aboard!" as it went around.

The little wagons were a favorite - I think they most enjoyed getting to sit next to each other. (This picture also demonstrates how they look to be the same height when they're sitting down, which is why I can't take them to the grocery store without at least 2 people asking me if they are twins!)

The spaceship ride goes pretty high and pretty fast - I got a little nervous for her when it started, but she belly giggled the whole time.

The best picture I could get of the toddlers together

Ride #2 on the school bus.  It was bumpy - Will is saying "Whoooa!"

Ma & Bob's visit

Robert's grandparents drove down from Arlington last week to spend the weekend with us.  They arrived on Friday and joined us for a visit to Kiddie Park Saturday morning.  That evening we grilled and Carol & Grace & my parents were all able to join us.  Saturday was church and lunch out, and that afternoon Claire and I tried a new recipe - Lemon Poppy Seed Zucchini Bread from Southern Living.  It was a hit with all of us, and we enjoyed it for dessert, breakfast, and snacks!  Claire enjoyed posing for a photo with our results - and reviewing the photos taken my Ma.



We all had a great visit and look forward to seeing them again soon!