Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Random

February 5 - Claire is usually up from nap/rest time before Will, and today I finally broke out the watercolors I'd bought a few months ago.  Not sure why I waited so long - she had so much fun and I got a nice piece of art out of it.  :)

Feburary 10 - Will working hard on Mr. Potato Head.  I'm continually impressed by his fine motor skills.

Feburary 17 - Today we had a play date with Almudena, Isabella, and Lucia at an indoor play area.  We tried to get a photo of the older girls, but I couldn't get one of both almost 4 year olds standing still with my iPhone camera.  Maybe if I was better at Photoshop...  ;)


Feburary 20 - Paying close attention at Little Gym

Feburary 27 - My sweet babies!  Will loves to lay on the couch pillows, usually just for a few seconds.  Today he started playing "Night, Night!", and Claire would cover him up with a blanket and pat his back.  It was so precious.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Visiting the Children's Museum

One of the things I put on Claire & Will's Christmas lists was a membership to the children's museum in New Braunfels.  My parents got it for them, and it has already gotten a lot of use!  We go probably at least 3 times a month (in addition to visits for a couple of recent birthday parties).  It only takes about half an hour to get there, and they love the change of scenery and being able to run around.




Will usually grabs the same things in the grocery store - bread, chicken, apples, pizza, and a fish.


He has a great checkout person!

It also usually results in good naps.  Although I try to keep them awake until they get home, it doesn't always work.  :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our personal playground

Our church has a small playground that is geared for small children (5 and under), and it has become a regular go to spot for us when the weather is nice.  It's great for Claire and Will - fenced in and all the equipment is suitable for their ages, so I don't have to constantly hover.  There's never anyone else there during the random times we go, so it feels like our personal playground.




The only downside is that Will seems to cover himself in mulch every time, so I've started bringing a change of pants.  Boys!


Monday, February 20, 2012

"Balentime's Day" 2012

Claire was really excited about Valentine's Day (or "Balentime's Day", as she likes to call it) this year.  Her teachers asked for the kids to bring a box from home for their cards and treats.  Claire, Will and I made a special trip to Target to buy supplies, and she picked out blue paper and some stickers for her box.  I got the box ready and covered during her nap one day, and she had a fabulous time covering it with stickers.

It was so hard for her to leave the box alone until the party next week - I ended up hiding it and her valentines so that they would still be intact by the 14th.  I was able to go to the party - she wasn't too interested in the food when there were cards and treats to pass out!

She passed out her valentines and then waited so nicely while her box was filled.

The boxes were put away to open at home, and Claire was so, so happy and excited to see all of her valentines from her friends.  So nice to get a photo of her real smile!

I've been letting her have a couple of pieces of candy each day, and she still loves sorting her cards and examining all of the treats every day.  She also loves carrying around several of her leftover Dora cards.  They are ragged, but she has so much fun arranging and counting them that I think I'll let them stick around a little longer.