Sunday, March 17, 2013

Faces of Will

A few weeks ago Will was in our room, noticed my camera, and asked me to take his picture.  He was really having fun.

Will Collage

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Hamming it up
  2. Peek a boo!
  3. Cheese smile
  4. The face he makes when you ask him to close his eyes.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


From today...

Asking me to peel a hard-boiled egg for her:  "Mommy, would you hatch that egg for me?"

Deleting a photo she just took on my iPhone:  "I'm going to trash can that one."

Love her!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Weekend in Fort Worth

A few weeks ago we spent a weekend in Fort Worth.  We left early on a Saturday morning and were in FW in time to eat lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, the Reata.  With full bellies, we headed over to the Museum of Science and History.  The Stock Show was going on, and since the museum is inside the stock show grounds, we were able to just buy admission to the grounds and visit another museum too.

We all enjoyed checking out the dinosaur exhibit.  There is a dinosaur skeleton that is more than 12 feet high and 60 feet long - we were all impressed.  When we walked in, Will's eyes got big, and he said "It's HUGE!" in an awestruck voice.  The boy loves dinosaurs!
FW Collage

Next door is the National Cowgirl Museum.  Our favorite part was the bucking bronco - the kids each took their turn.
Cowgirl Museum Collage

After the ride you get a 20 second "movie" of yourself looking like a real rodeo champion that you can later download.  We loved the resulting videos - Will's little wave was so funny.

Will's ride

Claire's ride

A short nap in the car and dinner at Blue Mesa finished out day 1.

On Sunday we drove to Dallas with Bob and Ma for a final Honor Flight reception at the Frontiers of Flight museum.

Buckled in and ready to take off

Bob, Robert & Will in front of a plane Bob helped design
FlightMuseum2 Collage

On Monday we visited the zoo before driving home to San Antonio.
FWZoo Collage

Will snapping like an alligator
FWZoo2 Collage