Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Field Day 2014!

Claire's school had a special field day during the last week of school.  There were tons of games and activities set up in the gym and on the playground fields.  I volunteered during the Kindergarten/First Grade time slot, handing out cups of water and helping with some of the water games.  Claire bounced from game to game.  Her favorite was the race to fill up buckets with water using a big sponge.



The aftermath - it turned into a Nap Day!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

May Randoms Part 2

5.14 - Western Conference semi-finals (Spurs vs. Portland).  I was seriously impressed with the Spurs Coyote's t-shirt Gatling gun.  Now that's a t-shirt cannon!

5.26 - Hibiscus explosion in our backyard!  I think this is the most blooms I've seen on this plant in the almost 6 years we've lived here.

5.29 - Face paint day at school.  Claire wanted a balloon and a flower - that's about as fancy as I get with the face paint.
Face Paing

5.30 - Target run.  Will saw these "poufs" and asked what they were for.  When I told him they were for your feet or to sit on, he wanted to try it out - one for him, and one for Soft Dragon.

5.30 - Sacked out at nap time

5.31 - Impromptu picnic at Nana & Granddaddy's house.  Robert went over to help Dad with a project, and it took a little longer than expected, so we picked up Schlotzsky's and drove over to visit.

May Randoms Part 1

5.3 - At a birthday party with two of her favorite friends from Kindergarten.

5.3 - Staying up past bedtime for a sweet treat at Bahama Bucks - it was worth the drive!

5.7 - Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students) day!  This is a program our school offers for dads to spend a day at school serving as a role model and help provide a sense of security to the students.  Robert spent the entire day at school - he had a schedule, and it included helping with announcements (he and Claire were on the closed circuit school tv), drop off and pick up, reading, tutoring, recess, cafeteria, etc.  They both had a fun day, despite how embarrassed Claire looks in this photo.  :)

5.7 - There is a lot of work going on at the lot by the entrance to our subdivision.  We walked down one day to check out all of the big construction machinery in action.

5.9 - Claire reading me a Frozen book from the library.  She would read each page, then turn it around to show me the picture.

5.10 - Making clubhouses, complete with toys, snacks, and water bottles.

5.11 - Claire helping Daddy read a business contract before bedtime.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Claire's First Field Trip

During the last week of May, Claire's Kindergarten class got to go on a field trip to the San Antonio Zoo, and I got to go along as a chaperone.  The kids rode the bus to the zoo while the parents drove their own vehicles.  It was Claire's first time on the bus (we live too close to the school to be on a bus route), and I think the ride was the most exciting part of the trip for her!

Being silly with some friends while we wait

A lot of parents were able to volunteer, and another mom and I were put into a group with our daughters and one other girl.  We had about three hours to explore and eat our sack lunches.  The girls were wonderful and we had a great time together.

So Claire has never been a fan of petting zoos - she doesn't like having animals approach her.  The other girls wanted to go in, so she went along.  We found a group of goats sitting in the shade, and Claire decided they would be safe to brush and pet.  It was fun to watch her build up her nerve - standing at arms length and giving the goat a quick brush, getting closer, petting the goat with her hand, and finally sitting down beside the goat to pet her.  She decided that the goat really liked her, and they got along well.  Another step towards conquering a fear!