Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Halloween 2013

The kids had so much fun with Halloween this year.  Will started the day as a cowboy - it was Dress Up Day at his school, and we wanted to save his "real" costume for that night, but fortunately we had other options that morning.  He loves any chance he gets to wear his boots and hat - cutest cowboy I've ever seen!

We convinced them to wait until about 5 to put on their costumes - they were so excited!  Claire was a fairy princess, and Will had asked for a dragon costume.  I wasn't sure the dragon costume would make it to Halloween - he loved it and asked to try it several times before the actual day.  Grandmommy, Nana & Granddaddy were all able to come over and see them in their costumes and for some pre-trick or treating photos.


Taking a bow

We met up with our neighbors to trick or treat, and made our way up and down our cul de sac and a few other houses nearby.

Our neighbors' girls are each a year older than Claire and Will, and they have so much fun together.  The girls would take off from each house to the next, and Will would run as fast as his legs/costume would allow shouting "Wait for me!  Wait for Will!"

We wrapped up our trick or treating and headed home to help Daddy and Granddaddy pass out candy. 

Claire especially loves passing out candy to other trick or treaters - she would get so excited when she would see anyone coming up our street, and she would try to run out with the candy bowl shouting "Come over here!  We have CANDY!  FREE CANDY!"

Robert and I love that our kids enjoy the giving away part as much as they enjoy the receiving.  

Halloween 2013: Pumpkins!

For the first time, our family carved pumpkins for Halloween.  I'm not sure why we had never taken the time to make them before, but this year we had two kids who really wanted to make some Halloween decorations, so we made time.

While Robert was doing a couple of chores, the kids and I hung up some fake cobwebs, including covering our dead shrubs in the pots in front of our house (that way it looked intentional that we hadn't thrown them away yet, right?).

I worked on Claire's pumpkin - she wanted a traditional Jack O' Lantern.  Robert got fancy with Will's - he found a template online of one of the characters from Will's favorite show right now (Chase from PAW Patrol).  They were both infatuated with their carved pumpkins.


At night
Pumpkin collage

The next day we painted some pumpkins to add to our decor - unfortunately the rain washed away the paint before Halloween (I thought I was being smart using the washable paints), but it was fun!