Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let's Rodeo, San Antonio!

One of the first things we learned when we moved to San Antonio is that the city loves to have a reason to celebrate, and it seems like everyone makes a visit to the rodeo (or at least the fairgrounds) every year.  Robert usually gets tickets through work, and except for last year, we've gone at least once.  I think the four visits I made this year have made up for skipping 2012.  :)

Robert got some great tickets through work this year.  On Friday, our friends Josh & Courtney went with us for a little parents' night out, and we were invited to a suite for Wednesday night.  Since the kids wouldn't have a chance to go to the actual rodeo, we took them to the fairgrounds on Saturday.  We enjoyed checking out the animals in the stock show barns and the Animal Adventures exhibits.  Claire especially enjoyed the "Little Buckaroo Farm", where they got to gather agricultural products in a little basket and turn them in for a bandanna or snack at the end.  Will loved showing off his boots and cowboy hat.  We wanted to take them on a carousel ride, but were shocked when we realized we would need 4 tickets each - a total of $16 - for one ride!  We decided that we would skip it this time, and I would bring them back for Dollar Day.  Claire handled it really well - Will was pretty upset, but we managed to distract him with another exhibit before we left.
Rodeo1 Collage

Dollar Day was on Monday (Presidents' Day).  Robert had to work, so my mom & dad went with us.  We knew it would get crowded, so we arrived before the exhibits and Midway opened, and we were in the first group for the pony rides.  Will was SO excited - all he had wanted to do on each visit was to ride a horse, and he finally got his chance.
Rodeo6 Collage

Next we went to the petting zoo.  As I expected, Claire was not into it, and Will was all over the animals.  He pet a donkey, a llama, and lots of pigs, goats, and sheep.  He practically laid down on the goats, petting them vigorously with both hands.  He also tried to feed a goat some straw - and was excited when the goat took a nibble.
Rodeo3 Collage

Claire wanted to go back to the Little Buckaroo Farm, and a photographer asked her to take a photo with Miss Rodeo Texas Teen and another pageant winner.  She paused long enough for a picture before dashing off to gather her vegetables.
Rodeo4 Collage

By the time we finished with the farm, the midway rides were opening up.  We got $20 in tickets and rode more than enough rides.  Will hated the bug ride (too bumpy!) but loved both carousels.  Claire liked everything and felt especially big when I let her go on the tea cups by herself.  She got it spinning pretty quickly and just belly laughed the whole time.
Rodeo5 Collage

We had a great time with the rodeo this year - looking forward to 2014!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Overheard Yesterday

Will making up a new song: "I need a boat to go down the river, the river, the river."

Claire after some solid playground time:  "Mommy, I need my water bottle.  I am running out of energy."

Will with microphone in hand:  "Claire, it is time to ROCK!"