Thursday, February 05, 2015

September Randoms (Part 1)

9/1 - We got outside to enjoy the beautiful weather by exploring another section of the Mission Reach trail.
1 - Mission Reach

9/3 - Claire's first day of gymnastics!
First day of gymnastics

9/4 - Will's first day of Pre-K 3 at school!

9/4 - Will hosted a dinosaur party.  Dinos everywhere!

9/5 - Robert and I stopped for a sno cone.  This was a small.

9/6 - Birthday fun at Paige & Kate's house
Paige's party

9/15 - MOPS playdate at our neighborhood fire station.  The firefighters are always so friendly, and Will loves getting to explore the station and the trucks.

9/18 - Claire and Will asked if they could turn on the hose to water the plants.  It didn't take long for them to start watering each other.

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