Thursday, February 12, 2015

20 Years

Class of is it possible that was over 20 years ago?  In September, a few of my 23 classmates met up in Sterling City for our 20 year high school reunion.  Robert and I made a detour on our way to my family's land in Santa Anna.  We enjoyed the views of the hills, but the rattlesnake...not so much.


As we got close to Sterling City, the familiar landscapes made me feel somewhat nostalgic, but it was also interesting to see how different everything looked with the wind farm boom.  Love those open West Texas skies!
reunion 1

We met up with my old friends at the football game on Friday night.  It was my first time in the stadium, and in Sterling City, since our 10 year reunion.  The high school now plays 6 man football, and they were dominating the game - it was called at halftime - so we only saw a few minutes of the game.  Afterwards we hung out for awhile in one of the hotel rooms, just catching up.

The next morning Robert and I drove around the town.  This was Robert's first trip to my hometown, so he got to see the places of my childhood - our home, the streets where I rode my bike, friends' houses, my church, etc.  We met up with my classmates at the park for a picnic lunch, then went to watch my friend Jodi's girls play in their volleyball game.  After the game, the principal (who was also in school with us!) gave us a tour of the school.  I was surprised to see that some of my math team's plaques and trophies were still in the trophy case, and our class composite was still on the wall.
reunion 2


One of the highlights of the tour was the new ag complex, complete with a deer processing area that the students use to raise money for the program.  Welcome to small town West Texas!
reunion 3

Although there were only a few of us able to make it, I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with each one of them.  We got to really talk and share some old memories as well as new ones.  I hope we do it again before another 10 years pass!
reunion 4

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